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5 Ways A DIY Move Doesn’t Pay

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="324"] moving tips[/caption]  A DIY move  (do it yourself move) is tricky, you will probably see that hiring a professional moving company is by far your best option if you are planning on relocating. You May End Up Damaging Your Property...

10 Things You Should Know Before Moving to Seattle

Moving to Seattle soon? You've heard about the first Starbucks, you've seen the Space Needle on old Frasier re-runs a hundred times, and you probably know that Seattle is the birthplace of grunge music and some of the best bands from the late 90's. But did you...

A Guide to Moving with Kids

  Moving with Kids For adults, even though stressful, moving to a new home it's usually filled with anticipation and excitement.  On the other hand, children need the support and understanding of the family to avoid seeing the move as a traumatic experience. Moving is considered by many...

Deducting Your Moving Expenses

Are moving expenses deductible for the average family? It depends on the particular circumstances. While the tax code is generous when it comes to deducting moving expenses, there are three conditions that must be met to make your moving cost deductible on an itemized return. 1....

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