Packing Liquids on Your Next Move

26 Apr Packing Liquids on Your Next Move

There are many things to think about when you’re preparing to move across the country. Apart from changing your address and finding a reliable moving company, there are other bits and pieces you may need to consider. How to properly pack liquids is among the many things to learn as you prepare for your next relocation adventure.

Please note: For the most part, moving companies do not transport potentially flammable and explosive liquids for safety reasons. Paints, some types of cleaning solvents, bleach, pesticides, light fluids, and fertilizer are some examples. 

Nonetheless, here some expert tips that may come in handy:

Sort the liquids

Choose the liquids to be moved. Before this, ask the moving company to send you a list of prohibited items. The moving company abstains carrying all items named in the list for safety reasons. The fewer the liquids transported the lower the moving cost. You should not buy more liquids a few days to the moving day.

Gather all the packing supplies you need

Plastic bags, labels, and wraps are must-have packing supplies. Before packing, you need to check for broken bottles and replace them. Cover the bottle openings with a plastic wrap before closing them with their tops. To prevent the bottle top from accidentally opening, wrap it with a tape.

Pack the containers in a plastic bag

You need more than one plastic bags. Pack drinks in a different bag from other liquids such as the cleaning supplies to avoid potential contamination. Only pack your liquids in a plastic bag to prevent damage in case something spills.

To reduce the possibility of leaking, put all the containers in an upright position. Place towels or newspapers between the bottles to reduce the chances of breaking.

Label all boxes

After packing, label all the boxes depending on the type of liquid inside. Put a “This Side Up” sticker on the top. Proper labeling reduces the risk of damages. The box handling care depends on how the box is labeled. Proper labeling reduces damage risks.

Final words

To be on the safe side, look for assistance in packing your liquids by hiring a professional mover to do the job for you. You should also not risk packing any hazardous liquids, just to be on the safe side.

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