How to Protect Your Walls During Your Next Move

15 Apr How to Protect Your Walls During Your Next Move

The biggest concern when moving is the safety of your furniture and other belongings. Many people tend to neglect the home itself. Furniture can bump on the walls causing damage to the house you want to sell.

No buyer will be interested in a house with dents and scratches. You have to repair the damages yourself before advertising your old home. The cost of repairing damaged walls can be very high, depending on the nature of the damage.

These damages are always unplanned, leading you to spend more money than expected. There are some precautions you can take to reduce wall damages when moving. here are some of the best ways to protect your walls in your next move.

1. Wrap your furniture

If your furniture has rough edges or sharp corners, cover them with a soft towel or wrap them in protective plastic. Secure moving pieces such as drawers using bungee cords or child-safety latches. Wrapping with plastic covers and padding not only protect the wall but also the furniture itself.

2. Cushion sharp corners

Sharp corners are at high risk of being scratched when moving items such as bed frames out. Install corner guards in all the sharp corners before moving your belongings. You can also consider options like cardboard, bubble wrap or wooden boards for wall protection in small rooms. For complete protection, hang beddings, sheets, towels, and comforters along the busiest section of the walls.

3. Disassemble large items

Some furniture and appliances can be too large to pass through the door. Dismantling items such as the bed not only help protect the wall but also makes it super easy to move it. All you need is to keep all the screws, bolts and parts of the item safe for easy and quick assembling later on.

4. Plan ahead

To implement the above prep works, you need enough time. When time is on your side, you will be more careful when moving the items since you’re not in a hurry. Heavy and large furniture may require more time to be safely moved out.

Final words

The above precautions will help protect your wall, but they may not do much if you’re working with inexperienced friends, family members or neighbors to load or offload the truck. To keep your walls, floor, furniture and other items in good condition in your next move you should hire a professional moving team to do the job for you.

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