Packing Advise for Moving Wine and Licor Bottles in Your Car

01 Apr Packing Advise for Moving Wine and Licor Bottles in Your Car

If you have a small collection of wine and liquor to move to your new home, there are ways to ensure they arrive safely.  YouPacking Wine need to take special care when packing your precious bottles to avoid breakage and preserve the character of the wine or spirit.

Here some care free tips:

1. Check your inventory

Before you start packing, determine the bottles to be moved. You don’t have to move with every bottle, consider giving some to your friends and family if you will have limited space in your car.

2. Use a wine shipping box

Purchase a wine shipping box from your local courier. Wine shipping boxes come with foam dividers that help prevent collisions and breakage during the move. A wine shipping box holds either 6 or 12 bottles.

If this is not within your budget, consider using cell boxes. Unlike wine/bottle shipping boxes, cell boxes have cardboard dividers that separate the bottles to prevent collisions and breakage, but you can add padding with cloths and towels. You can get cell boxes from your nearest liquor store.

3. Wrap each bottle

If you don’t have access to wine shipping boxes and cell boxes, use a regular box. Wrap each bottle individually with three or four sheets of a packing paper and secure it using packing tape before packing.

After placing all the bottles inside the box, add some papers at the bottom of the box to provide a cushion. Before tapping the box closed, gently shake it, if you hear bottles clinging each other, fill the gaps using papers or other materials.

4. Put the box on the floor of your car

If the box accidentally falls, it will not only damage other items but also break the bottles inside. You should not stack the box on top of other boxes, put it on the floor of the passanger seat for safer transport.

5 . Temperature is key for wine

Consider transporting your wine within your car, and not the trunk, making sure your AC is on at all time. Transporting these within the trunk may not offer optimal temperatures, especially if you’re doing a long distance drive with hot weather conditions. By doing this, you will also have visual contact at all time so you can better monitor the box throughout your drive.

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