How to Pack-Up the Bathroom Before Your Next Move

10 Jul How to Pack-Up the Bathroom Before Your Next Move

Pack BathroomBathrooms are usually the smallest rooms in your home so you may think they would be easy and quick to prepare for moving. However, just throwing everything into boxes may speed things up but can end up making everything cluttered and confusing. You have to remember that many bathroom items are needed every day so you definitely want a plan before starting and here are a few tips on how to pack-up your bathroom before your next move.

Purge Old or Unused Items

Getting rid of items that aren’t needed should be the first step before packing your bathroom. Take inventory of all of your things and check for duplicates that you can sell or donate. Throw away old medicines, empty shampoo bottles, cosmetics, feminine products, etc… that aren’t necessary to bring with you on your move.

Sort Your Bathroom

After your purge, it’s best to sort all items into categories. Making groups of items can help you clearly see what is left and what is going to be packed. You can sort things into groups such as…

  • Appliances (hairdryers, curling irons or trimmers).
  • Cosmetics
  • Toiletries
  • Paper and feminine products
  • Medicines
  • Towels and linens
  • Hair products and accessories
  • Cleaning supplies

Having everything sorted into groups is a great way to stay organized. After sorting, you may also see more things that you don’t need and can continue purge if necessary. Having everything organized while packing will ensure an easy transition to unpacking at your new home.

Pack Your Bathroom

After everything is sorted, you can set aside and organize your boxes. Have everyone in your home pack a small bathroom essentials bag (toothbrushes, makeup, deodorant, etc…) that can be easily accessible. Next, you should pack all first aid items into a small plastic container to keep separate from the main packing. After that, you can pack all remaining items from your bathroom into labeled boxes leaving just a roll of toilet paper, soap, and a hand towel for use until your move.

  • Here are a few tips and tricks for organizing and packing your bathroom…
  • Use plastic bags to pack liquids to avoid spillage.
  • You can use towels to wrap fragile items or line boxes for extra cushion for packing bathroom appliances.
  • If you have heavy boxes that aren’t quite full you can pack towels on top to fill space without adding weight.
  • Use appropriately sized boxes, like small ones for toiletries, medium for appliances, etc… this helps save space and keeps everything organized.
  • Clearly label all boxes.

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