Where to Donate Your Unwanted Book in Seattle

22 Jun Where to Donate Your Unwanted Book in Seattle

There are plenty of locations where you can easily donate any of your unwanted books in Seattle. The best thing is that most of these places won’t let any of your books go to waste. Instead, they sell and let proceeds go to support community programs. Some organizations use relevant books to support numerous learning programs.

The following centers accept book donations.Books

1. Friends of Seattle Library

It is a public library which gladly accepts any of your books that you are through with. They also accept movies and music CDs. Here, you encounter some of the most welcoming and friendly staffs to assist you to offload all that you need to dispose of.

They, later on, conduct book donation annual sales days, with all the proceeds going to back support and restock the public libraries and any planned for educational programs in the community. Also, teachers from local schools come to purchase such books at discounted prices, for their students.

2. Treehouse for Community Services

This is basically a non-profit organization which is known for its excellent provision of educational services in the communities around Seattle. In fact, most of the foster children benefit from such book donations, including any other back to school donations that go a long way in boosting their learning chances.

3. Ronald Macdonald House of Charities

It’s renowned for its great mission of supporting many community programs. The best way to be involved, therefore, is to donate your unwanted books to many of the kids who are under their program. Donations can range from books to video games and even toys; all these are quite beneficial to their learning environment.

4. Seattle Habitat for Humanity

It’s an amazing store which takes in all kinds of donations. It basically accepts donations such as new and used books. Apart from recycling donated books, it also conducts book drives for purposes of supporting numerous literacy programs in the communities.


The above mentioned are just but a few of the some of the places you can easily dispose of any unwanted books. Either the books, or proceeds from the books, help in supporting lots of community educational programs within Seattle.

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