Who to Notify When You Change Your Address

01 Dec Who to Notify When You Change Your Address

Are you preparing to move to a new place of residence? To a new town or city perhaps? If you are, it is important to know who you need to inform about this. This is the best way to save yourself from potential hassles like past due bills, service lapses or even identity theft. This is why it is so essential to update such people or organizations to ensure smooth moving and prevent trouble with your mailing processes. Here are the people and organizations that you should purpose to inform about your change of address:

1. The Post Office

The post office should be among your top priorities when changing your physical address. Once you have notified the post office, you will avoid lots of inconveniences. They will update your new address and have all your mail delivered correctly. It is then up to you to update this address with other institutions so that they can contact you through the new postal address.

2. Tax Agencies

The Internal Revenue Service will need to know your new address. This way you will get your tax return or any other of your legal notes or documents. It is very important to inform the IRA and any other tax agency about your change of address to ensure that you are always in full compliance with the law.

3. Banks and Credit Card Companies

It is important to update your bank and your credit card company of your change of address. This way you are also put up to date with your statements and bank accounts. All other relevant institutions should also be informed of any changes to avoid inconveniences.

4. Utility Companies

These are companies that supply you with electricity, water and gas. They should be informed of the changes in physical address to prevent lapses in past-due bills and any other impending errors. You should arrange for disconnection of any utilities in the unoccupied home. It is also important to get in contact with other utility companies like Waste collection companies to inform them of your moving plans.

5. Insurance Providers: home renters, car, health insurances

Let your insurance providers know the plans of changing your address. They will then know where to transfer your policy. You should also find out whether they could cover your items on transit. Ask for moving insurance if possible.

6. Government Agencies

Update your address at the local office of Social Security Administration and any other relevant administration. Notify the relevant government agencies when moving to a new state.

7. Phone cable and internet

Be sure to call your phone, cable and internet providers so that you are set up when you arrive at your new residence. These providers will also know where to send your bills periodically. Unless you want to go back to the stone age and enjoy life without your phone, cable or internet, you need to let these companies know your new address.

8. Your current employer

Inform your employer about your relocation. In this way, all your paychecks and tax forms are sent to the right place. You do not want someone else cashing your paychecks just because you moved.

9. Other service providers

Medical and educational facilities, clubs, subscription services, loan providers and other agencies should also be notified of changes in addresses to avoid inconveniences in mailing out your letters and packages.

10. Your family and friends

It is almost mandatory and unavoidable to notify your folks that you are changing your residence. Naturally, you should inform them as early as possible. If they are free and willing they will help you move and if you are relocating to a place far away it will give you ample time to say goodbye.

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