5 Kitchen Gadgets You Need For Your New Home

04 May 5 Kitchen Gadgets You Need For Your New Home

The kitchen is one of the most valued rooms in most homes. So whether you are upgrading your home or moving to a new one you need to invest in various appliances and gadgets that will not only meet your expectations, but also make your work easy. Feeling inspired to go for a shopping spree? Read on to discover the top-five must have kitchen gadgets:

1: Banana Shaped Slicer

Does your family love bananas? Well, you must be aware how hectic it can be to slice them one by one, especially if yours is a large family. But you can make the task much easier with a banana shaped slicer. All you have to do is place your peeled banana on it press down and alas! there goes your many slices. The kids will love helping you out during snack-time.

2: Yolkfish Egg Separator

If you find the feeling of eggs on your bare hands gross or can’t stand the messy shell-separation method, then this egg separator will be a life saver in your kitchen. The little gadget literally sucks the entire yolk out of your eggs, without a mess. You will love the convenience and enjoy your cooking time.

3: Herb Scissors

If you can’t stand using knives for long in your cooking adventures then you will be glad to know that there’s an option for you; herb scissors. They will take your healthy eating habits to another level, especially over summer when your herb garden is glowing and will make the task of chopping herbs much easier.They are not only multi-purpose( can be used on other delicate foods), but also easy to use and comfy to clean.

4:A Crock Pot

If your love for home-made delicious meals, then this gadget will come in handy. All you need to do is assemble all your ingredients, throw them in and leave. You will love the inviting aroma of a well cooked meal once you get home. This makes a perfect investment especially if you love soups and casseroles. Ideal for slow cooking, makes the job way easy compared to regular pots.

5: A Wine Preserver

Do you love accompanying your meals with a little bit of wine or can’t describe your relaxing time without mentioning a glass of wine? Well, you need this amazing gadget. The wine-preserving carafe comes in handy to ensure your open bottle of wine remains fresh all week long. So no more wastage. You get to save and enjoy more!

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