What Not To Pack When Moving: The Move Better Manual

20 Nov What Not To Pack When Moving: The Move Better Manual

Nothing feels as good as finally moving into a new house. The moving process can take a toll on anyone and especially so, a family. Picture this, you have arranged to move out a couple of months ahead of time, given all the required notices, you pack every single thing possible and spend a week or so finding a good moving company. When you finally find one, the actual moving begins and in a day or two you have fully moved into your new house and have left nothing behind.

On your first night, your son who is asthmatic gets an attack, you search for the first aid kit, but no! it is not labeled and is probably in one of the bags. You tear through a couple of boxes to no avail. You then remember that hot caffeine can alleviate the symptoms in time for medical intervention, so you run to the kitchen and oops! You haven’t unpacked the coffee maker or the cups, so you decide to call 911, unfortunately, you placed your phone in your bag while moving and can’t quite seem to find the bag.

What do you do?

While this is a totally exaggerated experience, it is not altogether implausible, many families have found the first day after moving quite traumatic if not frustrating due to inadequate know-how on what essentials should remain unpacked during the move. The following are, but a few of the most important things that should not by any means be packed!

First aid kit
The moving process is risky, movers may get cut notwithstanding any unforeseen emergencies.

Medical supplies
Leave out a couple of pain meds, antacids and anything that makes the cut for basic survival.

A coffee maker, some cups and spoons
The first morning after moving in will be so much easier after a cup of coffee in an actual mug.

Cleaning supplies
Your new house may be clean but there will be people walking in and out of your new home so much during the move, you might need to clean again.

Identification documents
Have at least have one identification document, should it be required.

Valuables and keys
Ensure that all valuables are locked away in a safe during the move. If you do not have access to a safe, ask a friend for help or keep the valuables within your eyesight.

A corkscrew
After successfully moving everything to a new house, you have earned this!

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