Different Types of Moving Boxes-Expert Guide

18 Jul Different Types of Moving Boxes-Expert Guide

Knowing how to pack your stuff in the right boxes could help in the long run and streamline the process of moving. When moving, there are a variety of moving boxes that could suit your items best. Below is a list of the options available.

The Small Box: Also known as the book or carton box, this box can benefit you when moving. It’s best to place heavy items, like books or canned goods. The sturdiness of a small box design allows for greater protection with fragile items. This box can also be used for breakable items, such as bottles or dishes.

The Medium Box: This box is the perfect box for most items. Its suited for all purposes: books, small appliances, pots and pans, and many more. This box is easy to handle and can transport most of your belongings with comfort and ease.

The Large Box: This box is perfect for those lighter items. Typically, when the size of your box increases, the weight of your items should decrease. This box is perfect for blankets and pillows or lampshades.

Aside from the average size boxes, there are also some specialty boxes that can be quite helpful when packaging certain items. Below are a list of boxes for specific purposes.

The Archive Box: The purpose of this box is to store things for extended periods of time. Generally, documents are placed into these boxes and store for easy access, if needed. Photographs and magazines can also be stored and in these boxes. When transporting archives during a relocation, these can help you save time as they will keep your archived organized for an optimal unpacking experience.

The Mirror Box: Moving valuables can be very frightening. No one wants to see a precious mirror or piece of artwork damaged. It’s best to package these items in a mirror box. This will allow for a safe travel environment and easy identification for items like a mirror or artwork.

The Dish Barrel Box: Antiques and fine china are other valuable items that need to be treated carefully. Finding the right way to transport these items is crucial. The dish barrel box is a great way to package dishes properly, its deep base is perfect for stacking dishes. It also comes with inserts that allow you to separate dishes from one another. This box could also be used for moving a computer due to its deep base and sturdy walls.

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