Relo Packages in High Tech – What You Need to Know

05 Mar Relo Packages in High Tech – What You Need to Know

In this day and age of fierce competition and relentless pursuit for excellence, most successful companies do not mind going the extra mile to facilitate the hiring and onboarding of a resource that might be potentially beneficial to the company in the long run. Relocation packages are an important tool used by high-tech companies to lure good resources.

People generally wrongly assume that relocation packages benefit only employees. On the contrary, if one carefully studies the larger scheme of things, it is easy to understand that relocation packages are beneficial for both the employee as well as the employer. How?

While sourcing foreign candidates may appear to be costlier in the short-term, companies gain access to the global market when they hire these candidates, which generally proves to be beneficial in the long run. A well-qualified candidate with significant knowledge about local markets may outrightly reject a good job offer to avoid relocation costs. Companies can create dedicated employees by easing them into their job by making the process of transition easier. Moreover, relocation packages reflect positively on a company’s brand image, which further helps in attracting the right candidates.

The process of relocating from one place to another isn’t easy. This is precisely why most companies either hire an in-house relocation manager or delegate the complex process of designing a relocation package to a company specializing in the area.

For employers as well as employees the most important question is: What does a good relocation package include? Ideally, companies should cover all expenses associated with the process of physical relocation. In general, this includes packing and moving costs, storage costs for goods, cost of moving a vehicle from one city to another, food and transportation costs, and reimbursement of expenses related to short-term accommodation in the destination city.

Designing and finalizing a relocation package is a negotiable task. Needless to say, the more important a resource, the more a company will be ready to cave in. The employer and employee can work together to create a relocation package that benefits both parties. Relocation package providers can help make this process smooth.

Relocation companies offer different services. Many relocation package companies, these days, offer full pack/unpack services along with insurance coverage. Similarly, there are some companies that also offer assistance with home sales and lease-breaking as well as expatriation assistance. As a matter of fact, most good relocation package providers offer an entire gamut of services that can make the whole process of relocation smooth and fuss-free for all the parties involved.

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