Hiring an Interior Designer – What to Look For

05 Jun Hiring an Interior Designer – What to Look For

The process of finding an interior designer can be a challenge. Are you on the same page? Are you the right fit? The process of hiring a designer isn’t unlike an interview or even just a partnership. There are a few questions to ask any designer before hiring them for a job.

1. How do you decide to take on projects? This is a question that gets at how a designer evaluates a project. You’ll learn a great deal about their mindset and personality from this question.

2. Do you like clients to be involved or prefer a hands-off approach? Some designers prefer to consult with their clients throughout the process while others want more creative control. Depending on what you want, this will guide your process.

3. Where do you find inspiration and what guides your style? This is often a question that will lead to the designer showing samples of their work. You’re learning more about the process of designing and personal aesthetic.

4. What challenges you about designing a home? This can be a question that will fill you in about any potential problems down the road. Each designer has weaknesses so you’ll learn about any challenges for that designer before reaching them.

5. How do you manage mistakes and setbacks? Throughout the design process, there are going to be problems. Working with a designer is supposed to help you avoid costly mistakes. This question will show you what a designer has learned on prior projects and how crises were managed.

6. What are your priorities when planning a budget? This is a great question to ask since your priorities may be different than a designer’s. Talking about that beforehand is a good idea since it can lead to conflict during a project. Keep in mind that this question isn’t a dealbreaker since a designer may be able to shift their focus to yours.

7. Do you feel comfortable with our plans? If you have any ideas for the space, share them with the designer. The interior designer will be able to tell you if he or she can execute your vision or it simply won’t work out. This will save you both frustration down the road.

Although working with a designer can be a great way to get a fabulous looking home, you need to find the designer that’s right for you. Use these questions to meet with designers and find the right person for the role.

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