The Best Ways to Move a Couch By Yourself Without Breaking Your Back

03 Jul The Best Ways to Move a Couch By Yourself Without Breaking Your Back

If you’ve ever needed to get a couch moved from one place to another then you know how awkward they can be to shift. Couches are the perfect shape and size to cause as many difficulties as possible when lifting them and getting them through doors and up stairs. Ideally you should have at least one person to help you get the job done but sometimes you find yourself needing to get that couch to where you need it with only yourself to rely on. Here’s a few tips on how to move a couch on your own without killing yourself in the process.

The first thing to do is to remove any loose items that are part of the couch. Cushions and covers should be easily removable and are less weight to carry and less volume to maneuver. Covers can also get caught on door latches and the like and get torn in the process.

If you are worried about ripping the upholstery of the couch in the process of moving it then you might want to chase up some tarps, drop cloths, thick plastic, or old sheets to wrap the couch in as a layer of protection. You’ll also need some rope or cord to tie the wrappings up so they stay put. Make sure it is wrapped up tight or the wrappings will cause their own set of problems.

If you have a trolley handy then you can prop it under the far end of the couch with the handle pointing along the bottom of the couch. Tie it up so it stays in place and then just lift the other end of the couch and you should be able to easily move it around on the trolley wheels. If you don’t have a trolley and will need to drag the couch around then get an old tarp or blankets and put them under the far end of the couch. Drag the couch until it threatens to come off the tarp and then relocate the tarp so that you can drag the couch some more distance before the tarp needs moving again. This lets you drag the couch more easily over rough terrain without damaging the legs or whatever floor you are dragging it across.

If you need to move the couch through doorways or up stairs then you may need to play a little tetris with it. Take a look at the shape of the couch and the shape of whatever you need to get it past and see if you can rotate the couch to maneuver it through. Avoid using too much force or you may damage the couch or get it wedged.

If you really find yourself without options for getting the couch through the complex geometry of the building you are moving it in then you may need to look at dismantling it. If the couch is held together with nails or staples then this likely isn’t an option, but if it’s bolted or screwed together then you might be able to take it apart without ruining it. Take a look where the sides and back connect to the seat and see if they can be disconnected. Avoid applying too much force when trying to separate pieces. Bear in mind that even if the parts are bolted or screwed together they may also be glued, so forcing them apart may damage the frame of the couch. Make sure you don’t lose any of the screws, bolts and other items that hold the couch together and try to bag and label them so that you know which item is used for what purpose.

The best way to move a large heavy couch without hurting yourself is to have a friend give you a hand. You should only try to move it yourself as a last resort. Take care, take your time, and try to think through the process of getting the couch to where you need it. The more time you give yourself to get the job done the less time you will spend repairing damage to yourself and the couch.

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