Top Tips for Moving With Dogs

20 Apr Top Tips for Moving With Dogs

While new moves might be exciting for humans, there is no secret that moving can be stressful for your dog. With the moving with dogsplethora of new sights, smells, sounds, and perhaps even people, your poor dog may feel anxious and uncomfortable. However, no need to worry, there are plenty of great tips to ensure a stress-free move for your favorite dog!

Pre-Move Tips

Set aside time to really play with your dog: This tip is simple but very important. With all the craziness of the move, you might unknowingly be giving your dog less attention. Feeling ignored will only make your dog become more stressed, so make sure to engage in your favorite activities together.

Maintain meal times and training: With all the time-constraints, chaos, and new circumstances of a move, your dog’s usual routine will likely be thrown off. In order to keep some familiarity for your dog and reduce their anxiety, try to continue meal times and training at the same hours.

Take them on adventures outside the house: Often times the constant stream of strangers coming into your house to prepare for a move will stress your dog out. Try to bring your dog on little adventures outside your house, or perhaps a day care, so he or she can have relief from the frenzy inside your home.

Throughout The Move Tips

Keep your dog close: Your dog is already sensing all the unfamiliarity of the situation, so try not to drop him or her off with someone new. Making plans to keep your dog around you and other familiar humans will ease the stress of the hectic situation.

Ensure your dog has collar identification: Ensuring your dog has some reliable form of identification will be extremely helpful in the unfortunate scenario your dog runs away in the craziness of the move.

Play (again!) with your dog: This tip is a common theme throughout. Nothing reduces stress and makes a dog happy like playing their favorite activities with their favorite humans.

Post-Move Tips

Comforting toys and bed: It is essential to provide your stressed-out dog with a familiar place to sleep and their favorite toys to play with in their new environment. These comforts may seem trivial but will help ease them into their new home.

Maintain the routine: Again, it is important to keep your dog’s routine so he or she is not uncomfortable and can adapt to their new home quicker.

Be patient: Allow for time before you start bringing crowds of new people over, which is accompanied by foreign sounds and smells. So, maybe push that housewarming party or neighborhood barbecue back a week to let your dog become nice and comfortable.

Play: Even a couple weeks after the move carve out consistent time to have fun with your dog, whether it be tennis ball fetch or tug of war.

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