Best Way to Transport LCD Screens and Electronics on Your Next Move

30 Dec Best Way to Transport LCD Screens and Electronics on Your Next Move

Just like other delicate items, LCD screens and other electronics need special care before you start moving. Keep in mind that one careless drop or change of temperature can damage your printer, LCD screen, game console or computer.

Therefore, when transporting electronics such as LCD screens, you need to protect them against fall, humidity, fluctuating temperature, and dust. Below is the best way to carry electronics on your next move.

Best way to Transport LCD Screens and Electronics on your next move

Disconnect wires and other accessories

Before you prepare to transport any of your electronics, it is essential to disconnect the cables and other accessories. Although it seems like a time-saver when you leave some accessories connected, the prolonged wires can cause problems. You can lose your electronic by leaving the wires hanging.

If you can, use the original packaging

According to electronic experts, it is vital to move your LCD screens and other electronics in the original packaging. This is because the original boxes have pre-designed to prevent the items from shifting or breaking when relocating.

If you do not have the original boxes, pick the right size for your electronic

If you cannot find the original packaging, you can look for the right box to hold your electronics. Fortunately, if you have engaged a moving and relocation company, you can get the right boxes for your electronics. Also, many stores sell the right boxes.

Add silica gel

For a long distance move, it is vital to add silica gel to your packaging boxes. Silica is a substance that absorbs excess moisture before it gets into contact with mental components.

Cover them to avoid items from getting inside

To prevent particles from getting inside your devices, cover the fans or monitors with bubble wrap or towels. This is very important especially for LCD screens.

Use moving blankets to transport large electronics

Since some LCD screens and televisions might not fit in usual moving boxes, you can use moving blankets to cover them. Also, ensure you place them in the right place. Do not store them flat or stacking anything on the screen.

Packing your electronics the light way for transport can protect your investments. This is because electronics are sensitive to various elements. For instance, heat can damage your LCD screens. Hence, ensure you have used the right materials to transport them. If you can manage to protect your electronics appropriately, you can be assured that they will reach their destination in good condition.

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