How to Pack Fragile Items Like Glassware, Art and Heirlooms

28 Jul How to Pack Fragile Items Like Glassware, Art and Heirlooms

Arriving at your new home and unpacking your belongings should be exciting, but finding that something broke along the way can quickly put a damper on that joy. No-one wants to find that their favorite champagne flute or special coffee mug didn’t survive the journey!

The best way to prevent this is to pack your delicate items properly and well in advance. When you are in a rush you are more likely to just cram stuff into boxes so it’s better to prepare some weeks in advance.

During this preparation, it’s a good idea to take stock of the fragile items that need to be moved and make sure you have all the right tools to transport them safely. These should include boxes in different sizes, bubble wrap, packing paper sharp scissors, flexible cardboard, and packing tape. You should also clear a large table so that you can lay out and pack your items.

You may have seen some people using towels, blankets, clothes, and newspaper to wrap their fragile items. This may seem like a clever idea, but it’s really not. Towels are prone to slip which can crush items together and newsprint will dirty your items (meaning more cleaning when you get to the other side). It’s a much smarter move to invest in the right tools from the start.

Here are a few more packing tips for your fragile items:

* Plates

– Wrap each individual plate with bubble wrap and secure it with tape. – Pack the plates (vertically) into small to medium boxes which are already lined with packing paper.

* Glasses

– Wrap each individual glass with packing paper, placing crumpled up paper inside to lessen the empty space.
-Place them into pre-lined boxes with the heaviest items on the bottom and the lightest pieces on top.

* Artwork and Frames

-Wrap pictures and frames in packing paper and place them in paper-lined boxes adding paper as padding between each piece.
-To move larger artwork (over 3 feet) wrap in a moving blanket and secure with plastic wrap.

* Specialty / Heirloom Items

– First completely wrap the item in bubble wrap, paying special attention to any protruding features such as handles that could be easily damaged.
– Place the wrapped item on a piece of pliable cardboard and then add a second piece of cardboard over the top.
– Bend the cardboard together carefully and secure the two pieces with tape.
– Place the item in a paper-lined box, adding crumpled paper to fill in any gaps.
– Tape up the box and clearly mark it FRAGILE in big, bold letters.

Have a happy moving day!

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