How to Pack Glassware & Crystal Fineries

18 Mar How to Pack Glassware & Crystal Fineries

Packing can be a stressful task, especially if you are packing breakable items such as glassware and crystal fineries. This is because special care is needed when packing the pieces.

Packing glassware and crystal fineries correctly is essential because they can get damaged or broken when you travel. And no matter the mode of transportation you might be using, your luggage might not be handled with care. Hence, your glassware and other breakable items can be damaged. To avoid such a loss, below are some tips on how to pack glassware and crystal fineries.

How to pack glassware and crystal fineries:

1. Have the right packing materials

When packing things such as plastic, you do not need to put a lot of care. But when packing glass and other fragile items, extra packaging materials are required. For example, you need bubble wraps to pack your glassware. Also, you can use soft materials such as towels to wrap your delicate items. Avoid using newspapers since the print can stick to the glass.

2. Use a well-sized cushioned box

It is necessary to have a well-sized box to keep your glassware and crystal fineries. Do not use a large box as it can cause the items inside to move when relocating. Hence, use a medium sized-box that has just a little space for your glassware to move. Also, have a cushion with towels or packing peanut to protect the items.

3. Know the type and pack correctly

Since there are different types of glasses, identify the best type to pack each type. Even though you need to wrap glasses with paper before putting them inside the box, wine glasses with long stems need to be packed in different boxes. Hence, identify the type of your glassware, and then wrap them correctly.

4. Wrap them several times to get extra protection

It is important to wrap your glassware and crystal fineries several times to get extra protection. When you wrap glassware several times and place them on top of the other, you can be sure they will be safe.

Packing glassware or crystal fineries is not a hard task. However, you need to be cautious to avoid any loss. Hence, care is needed when packing and ensure you label the boxes as fragile so that other people can handle them with care. If you feel the task is challenging, you can engage professionals. Professional movers know how to pack each item through their skills and experience. Hence, they will ensure your glassware, and crystal fineries arrive unbroken without scratches.

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