Jewelry Packing Tips For a Stress-free Move

14 Jul Jewelry Packing Tips For a Stress-free Move

Packing jewelry when moving is never easy. Necklaces are especially notorious for getting tangled or even breaking if packed wrongly. Earrings, on the other hand, tend to get lost due to their minute size. It’s so annoying when you end up with one earring and two stoppers or losing all your stoppers after a move. Often jewelry holds great sentimental value and other times the monetary value is unbelievably high. Imagine losing a highly-priced diamond ring which has passed through four family generations? Below are simple tips and hacks to follow when packing your jewelry for a stress-free move.


Most earrings come in small sizes and they tend to get lost a lot. You will, therefore, need to keep them intact and prevent movement as well as ensure they’re stored in pairs. You can use improvised materials to keep your earrings intact during your next move. First on the list is a paper plate. Stick your earrings through the plate and use a stopper to keep them intact. Once you’re done, pack them in a box and cushion them with a throw pillow or a piece of clothing. If your earrings occupy more than one paper plate separate them with several pillows or pieces of clothing when packing inside the moving box.


Preventing necklaces from tangling even when you’re not moving is hard enough. Therefore, you need to be extra careful when packing to move. First, sort your necklaces according to their materials. Chains are quite fragile and can break easily if tangled with necklaces made of heavy materials. Metallic necklaces, on the other hand, may get scratches if placed too close to sharp objects. As for pearls and beads, you might end up losing bits due to excessive movement. To avoid these problems, use toilet paper rolls to arrange the necklaces. Pass them through the inner part of the roll and fasten them to keep them intact. In addition, arrange each type of necklace on different rolls and avoid mixing chains with pearls or metals. You may also use cling film paper if you don’t have used toilet paper rolls. Simply arrange each neckpiece separately on a roll of the film, then place an additional roll on top. Press the rolls together to ensure there’s no space between the individual pieces. This will prevent movement and subsequent tangling.

Bangles and rings

These types of jewelry are quite easy to pack. Pass a string through all the rings or bangles to keep them in one place before packing. Alternatively, use bubble wrap if you’re dealing with highly valuable gems that could cost an arm and a leg if damaged. You may also use sealable packing paper for less valuable rings and bangles. If watches make part of your jewelry collection, you might want to take a different approach. Watches need to stay intact with minimal movement. Therefore fasten them to a thick piece of cloth to prevent movement and cushion them with clothes or polyester fiber fillings when packing them.

Conclusively, the ultimate goal, when moving with jewelry is to ensure minimal movement of each piece. These hacks will help you achieve that goal, but you may also invest in designated jewelry storage containers or bags. If possible, avoid throwing away packaging materials every time you buy a new piece. They’ll come in handy when you finally decide to move.

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