Top 3 Reasons Why Millenials are Always on the Move

01 Mar Top 3 Reasons Why Millenials are Always on the Move

According to a Mayflower study featured on Forbes, there are various reasons why millennials are constantly moving . The 2016 survey with respondents ranging from 18 to 35-year olds concluded the following:

1. Millennials move for the love of adventure

Almost half of the respondents or 48% said that they moved because of their desire for a lifestyle change and to experience new things. This is highly evident in social media today. Most millennials love to post photos of their adventures and share their experiences across different platforms. The desire is obviously not personal alone but with a hint of conformity to what is trendy and socially acceptable.

Moreover, many millennials have the thirst for new adventures as travelling to more destinations worldwide have been cheaper due to airline discounts and continuously growing number of flights to thousands of destinations. Also, with the amount of information and helpful apps that are available to them, it becomes easier and more convenient to travel. As what the popular millennial expression goes, “why not?”

2. Millennials move for love

According to the study, a stunning 46% said that they moved because of love. With the advent of social media and dating applications, the probability of a person meeting a significant other online have drastically increased and continues to grow as more internet-based interpersonal communication venues are being developed.

Today, most millennials consider the whole world as their dating pool causing millions of them to move from one state or one country to another to be with their partner.

3. Millennials move for jobs

Surprisingly, this reason has gathered the most response from the survey participants. A huge 51% said that their move was due to either a job relocation or them intentionally applying to one that is out of their hometown. Further into the study is the conclusion that most of the respondents said that gainful employment is not a reason to move across the country or the globe but instead, the high cost of living and weak job market in their current location causes them to move and try to find their luck in some other place.

Regardless of their reasons why, millennials still continue to be a strong customer base for the travel industry as they have the purchase power or the means, the time, and the desire to move to different locations across the globe.

However, as what the Mayflower study has pointed out, the main reasons for this are: travel, love and jobs. The overlap in those reasons was not covered by the research, making it generally safe to say that millennials move because they want to and because they can.

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