The Simplest Ways to Move Large Furniture Alone or with Movers

07 Apr The Simplest Ways to Move Large Furniture Alone or with Movers

Moving Large Furniture

Moving large furniture is no easy task. It comes with numerous health-related risks for you not to mention other risks to your house, other furniture, as well as other individuals also. As such, it is important that you know not just what to do but also how to prepare to ensure it is successfully and safely completed.

Below are some helpuf tips that will help you move large furniture alone or with movers:

When Moving it alone (DIY):

1. Assess the Furniture:

Start by evaluating the size, weight, and shape of the furniture. If need be for you to pass through doors, stairs, or narrow hallways, take some measurements and decide on the most appropriate way to not only carry but also position the pieces for easy movement.

2. Have the right equipment/supplies necessary:

Without these, you are practically screwed! Large furniture usually requires more manpower and the correct tools. These can include furniture straps and dolly (for the stability of the pieces when moving), sliders (allows easy movement of furniture across the room), packing paper and tape (for wrapping objects you remove from your furniture such as utensils, clothes, etc.).

3. Remove any Attached Parts

Breaking down every furniture piece is a great way to facilitate easier movement of furniture if you are doing it alone. It lessens the overall weight and also helps you avoid damages to the pieces. For instance, you can remove loose cushions and pillows from chairs, and for bookshelves and dresses with drawers/shelves, you can empty their contents and detach them from the main unit. Also, remove any easy to dismantle or unsecured objects.

When using Movers:

If the furniture is too large and heavy, spare yourself the burden and hire professional movers! With movers, it is quite easy but you need to:

1. Get a quote:

This will allow you to get the overall costs for the job. Compare and contrast prices form different companies and then hire the most appropriate one. However, be keen on what the quotes cover since some may include even packing, for instance.

2. Is the move possible?

Ensure the job can be done. You can also check the easiest ways to facilitate the move such as using elevators as opposed to stairs to save on the time and of course, costs!

3. Verify the destination route:

Finally, confirm if there is ample space to move your furniture or to accommodate your transport means. Can they fit through your windows or doors for instance? If not, you can then dismantle them. Moreover, movers usually come with special equipment to help move furniture where DIY is impossible, such as when moving items through the window.

This is ideally the way to move any large furniture. By using these tips, you can easily relocate your furniture from anywhere.

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