5 Ways A DIY Move Doesn’t Pay

15 Jan 5 Ways A DIY Move Doesn’t Pay

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 A DIY move  (do it yourself move) is tricky, you will probably see that hiring a professional moving company is by far your best option if you are planning on relocating.

  1. You May End Up Damaging Your Property By Not Packing It Properly

You may not realize it but there’s a good chance you could end up damaging your property by not packing it properly. While you may think you understand what it takes to pack your things up to prevent damage, chances are that you don’t have the same level of expertise as a professional.

  1. You Could Damage Your Furniture

Moving furniture is hard work and it’s not uncommon at all to have accidents and drop something. If you are moving your own furniture and this happens then you are either going to have to deal with the damage, pay for repairs, or even replace your furniture altogether. The good news though is that if you hire a professional moving company, then any damages to your furniture that occur will be paid for by them. On top of that, the odds of damage will be significantly less because professionals have training and all the necessary equipment.

  1. An Injury During Moving Could Prove Far More Costly Than Hiring A Moving Company

Moving involves heavy lifting and maneuvering around furniture and other household items. So what happens if you end up injuring yourself while moving? Well, that is going to end up costing you in terms of medical bills, and you will also probably end up missing time at work. Rather than risking injury, make the smart move and let the professionals do the heavy lifting for you.

  1. You Could End Up Getting In An Accident While Moving

If you are moving to a new home you are probably going to need to rent a moving truck if you don’t hire a moving company. Well driving a moving truck isn’t like driving your normal car, it’s bigger and is something you aren’t used to. This meanings that you can put yourself at risk of an accident. If you don’t rent a moving truck and try to load things in the back of a pickup truck there’s also the risk of things falling out as you drive. This means not only damaged property for you but also a liability if you end-up causing damage to other cars. 

  1. Professional Movers Take Some Of The Aggravation Out Of Moving

Moving into a new home is both a rewarding experience as well as a major aggravation. While moving into a new home is exciting, the actual process of moving all of your things from one home to another is a major project. It’s a lot of stress and a lot of work. So why wouldn’t you want to hire professionals that can shoulder some of the load for you?

When you use a professional moving company you can focus on the positives of moving and leave a lot of the hard work for others to do.  Why do it yourself? A little help will not hurt. 


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