How to Pack Your Bathroom for Moving: Top Tips – Neighbors Movers Seattle

03 Apr How to Pack Your Bathroom for Moving: Top Tips – Neighbors Movers Seattle

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When moving, most people start with the larger rooms like the bedrooms and kitchen and give less attention to their bathroom. However, you will be surprised to find that there is more to packing your bathroom than just cramming all those little things in a box, labeling it and moving. You probably have several almost-empty shampoo bottles lying around and you need to figure out what to pack ahead of time and what to keep throughout the move. For this, you will need to go through three steps: sorting, purging then organizing.

Sorting Your Stuff

Sit and try to figure out how many of the things you have in your bathroom as necessary. Sort everything out so you can have an easy time knowing what to keep, what to throw away and what needs to be replaced. You can sort your items into different categories, such as:

• Cosmetics
• Towels
• Linens
• Toiletries
• Make-up
• Feminine products
• Appliances
• Accessories
• Hair products
• Medicine

Purging What You Don’t Need

How many curling irons, blow-dries or other appliances do you have? Do they do the same thing? Do you really need all of them? Do you need all the hair accessories in your drawers? Do you have tubes of dried or unused cosmetics lying around that need to be thrown away? Now is the best time to do it. Given the fact that most companies charge by weight, would it be worth it to ship your products or to buy new ones once you move? If buying new ones sounds cheaper then donate what you have before you move.

Organizing Your Stuff

Given that you do need your bathroom supplies every day, the bathroom feels like the last place to pack. To make things easier, have everyone in the house pack their essentials in their bathroom bag, including toothbrushes and hair products. Pack all bathrooms except one that everyone will use until it’s time to move. In this bathroom, leave very few supplies like toilet paper, soaps, and towels, which will be easy to pick up on moving day.

Organizing Tips

• Wrap any opened bottles with plastic wraps, especially if they contain liquid.
• Line your moving boxes with towels when packing appliances, toiletries, and accessories
• If you have fragile items then wrap them with towels as well
• Label all your boxes very clearly

If you lack the time to go through this process, movers are always happy to help. A professional company will help sort things out for you and help you pack.

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