Practical Considerations for Moving During the Holiday Season

27 Nov Practical Considerations for Moving During the Holiday Season

Availability of Movers: There are certain times of the year where relocation and moving companies may not be available as readily as others. Summer season and holidays are one of the most problematic when moving during the holiday season. It helps to book in advance – as best you can – and understand precisely what a company is willing to do during this period. Will they move that far across the state that close to the big day?moving1

Cost: This issue of availability leads to problems with costs. There is a strong chance that you will have to pay a little more than you had hoped for a Christmas move. Be lenient with your budget while finding the best option.

Traffic: Traffic can be a nightmare on some major roads and in major cities around the holiday season, especially as we get closer to the 25th and everyone starts travelling. Road closures for incidents and events may also prove to be an issue. Be prepared for delays.

Weather: Depending on the part of the country you are moving to, weather could prove to be an issue. Keep checking the forecasts to see whether there is any risk of snow or storms. This could cause further havoc on the roads.

And then there’s the emotional side of moving during the holiday season…

One of the biggest concerns for families moving during the holiday period is that they wont get to enjoy Christmas in the way they had planned. This is especially true if the move has been held back and you expected the new home to be set up by the end of December. The best way to think about this is to look at the holiday as part of the new adventure. While it is a shame that you wont get to decorate the family home in the way that you are used to, you can spend time planning a fun occasion.

The common response to this is usually: “how am I supposed to plan and decorate for Christmas when I have so much unpacking to do first?”. The answer here is simple. Plan your unpacking with as strong a strategy as you would with your packing. Make sure that all the essentials can be dealt with first. Sort out the furniture, bedding, clothes and everyday items, and then leave the non-essentials until the new year. You have a new kitchen to prepare Christmas dinner in, a new dinning room to eat it in, a new living room to be decorated with a tree and new bedrooms where the kids can wait for Santa. Focus on this for now.

A move, especially one across different states can be stressful for all concerned. It will help you and the kids to have Christmas to look forward to at the end if you are prepared to compromise on expectations. It wont be the same as before, but you will be able to have fun and start on some new traditions.

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