Reduce the stress of packing up your home with these tips

14 May Reduce the stress of packing up your home with these tips

Image result for packing relocationMoving can be a stressful process, especially when it comes to packing everything that needs to be moved. It is important to be careful when packing fragile items. There is always a chance of breaking or damaging your property. However, if you know how to pack properly, you can reduce the chances of any mishaps. Let’s look at the things you can do to make moving easier.

How long does it take to pack your home?

Packing your home can take anything from one day to one week. It depends on how much packing you need to do, how much time you devote to packing and how you go about doing it. If you have the proper supplies and set aside time to actually pack things away on a daily basis, it could take you 2 to 3 days to pack up a standard two-bedroom house. It might take 3 to 4 days to pack up a 3-bedroom house and as long as 5 to 7 days to pack a five-bedroom home. If you are short of time or want to avoid spending days packing stuff away you should consider hiring a professional packing and moving company.

A professional company can take less time to pack than you would on your own. This is because there’s usually a crew of 2 to 3 experienced people who can do the job efficiently and faster. A professional company can take 3 to 5 hours to pack up a two-bedroom house, 6 to 10 hours to pack a three-bedroom home and 8 to 12 to pack up a bigger house.

Here are some packing tips that could help you make packing easier.

Have a Plan

It is important to have a proper plan. It is advisable not to leave packing until the last day. Don’t be caught up in the chaos. Start by getting things together earlier. Get your boxes, bubble wrap, newspaper packing tape, marker pens and scissors ready a couple of weeks before the move.

Create a Checklist

Before you start, make a list of everything that needs to be packed. Take it one room at a time. This will help you determine the sizes of boxes you will need and all other materials like bubble wrap for fragile items. Start with things that need careful packing like glass items, dinnerware and any fragile items. Pack your items according to the checklist and cross things off as you move along. Make sure that each box has a list of items packed on the outer side or mark your boxes according to your list. This way you’ll know where to find things when you arrive at your new home.

Get the proper Supplies

Don’t make the mistake of underestimating the value of sturdy boxes. You can always get your boxes from your local grocer or you can get boxes from a professional packing company. Getting boxes from a grocer might be a cheaper alternative but not all card boxes are equal. Some moving companies will provide packing boxes at no extra cost, some will charge you just make sure you get good sturdy boxes.

You’ll need packing tape, bubble wrap and newspapers. Get a labeling machine or use a marker to mark the boxes to keep tabs on what’s in the boxes.

Packing Appliances and fragile items

Wrap your small appliances with towels or linen to protect them. Use newspaper to line the boxes before placing the appliance in the box. Dismantle any appliances that can be taken apart. It is better to add bubble wrap around fragile items and collectibles to secure them.


You should use the original boxes that your electronic goods came in if you still have them. If you don’t have them anymore, you can use store-bought boxes. Just make sure you have enough bubble wrap or packing peanuts to ensure that your electronic appliances aren’t damaged during the move. Label the boxes and ensure that you indicate which side is up to ensure that the boxes are handled with care during the move.

Packing Furniture

If you have furniture that can be dismantled them take it part before moving day. However, make sure that your nuts, screws and bolts are placed in a bag. Put the bag in the same box as the furniture so you don’t have to rummage through all the boxes to find small nuts and bolts when you get to your new home.

Before you start packing, go through each room and pick the things you don’t need and discard or donate them. There is no point moving with things that are really useless to you.

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