Rain On a Moving Day? How to Keep Yourself and Your Things Safe

30 Jun Rain On a Moving Day? How to Keep Yourself and Your Things Safe

Image result for rainy day seattleWe all know that spring showers can be a pain especially when you have to make that big move. For us living in Seattle, rain is a topic of expertise. For this reason we have compiled a set of expert tips on the matter.

Protect Your Belongings

While the sight of rain or snow clouds might make you worry about the future of your boxes, cardboard is actually more durable than it looks. As long as your boxes are sealed with packing tape, everything inside should survive the move. But loose items—like the clothes you planned to leave on the hangers, or your furniture and artwork—won’t survive the elements as well.

Packing for a Move in Bad Weather

Self-moving companies sell and rent mattress pads, industrial plastic covers, and other items to help you move in rain, hail or snow. But if you can’t make it to the store or you want to save on moving costs, many household items will protect your valuables long enough to make a move. For example:

  • Wrap artwork in plastic wrap to prevent rain or snow from getting into gaps in the frame.
  • Put a large-sized trash bag around groups of clothes to keep the rain off.
  • Use heavy blankets and sheets to protect wood furniture.

Prep Your New Home

If you’re moving in-town, head to your new home and prep the area before you start moving. Lay rugs or towels on both sides of the front door to keep from tracking mud or water onto your floors. If it is cold outside, make sure the utilities are on so you can turn up the heat as soon as you arrive.

Prep Your Moving Space

Before you start moving, check your moving truck (or the trunk of your car) for leaks. If you spot a small leak, duct tape will work as a temporary fix. For larger leaks, you may have to get creative. Try making a temporary patch out of plastic wrap and duct tape.

Line the entryway of your house and the front porch with towels. As you carry boxes and furniture out, you’ll catch any mud or water from your feet before it causes any damage inside.

Finally, make sure everyone helping in the move is wearing boots or all-weather sneakers. Slippery ground can make it dangerous when carrying cumbersome boxes and furniture.

Set-Up an Assembly Line

Alternatively, if you have help moving, set up an assembly line at your old house to make things move faster and protect your floors. Designate one person to stand inside and hand boxes to another person outside who can bring them to the truck. This way, the floors will stay dry and you will cut down on time a bit, getting you out of the bad weather faster. Likewise, at your new place, consider having indoor and outdoor crews who can hand off your belongings to keep the muck and moisture outside.

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