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03 Jul Professional movers Seattle

In today’s tough economic climate, more than just strong, young people may give self moving serious consideration.  Getting a few friends together and hiring a rental truck seems like a good alternative to hiring a professional moving company and a sure way to save a few bucks.  But is it?

In most cases, especially for families with busy lives and a lot of belongings, self moving is rarely a good option, for more than one reason.

First, there are several costs associated with a self move, that can add up quickly: truck rental, gas, special moving equipment, bandaids, pizza, drinks, baby sitting, pet sitting, and who knows what else.

Second, unless your buddies are professional athletes, and even then, there is a significant risk of serious injury associated with moving heavy household items.  Unlike your friends, professional movers know just how to get that dresser down the stairs without taking the pain off the wall, or the legs off the dresser, or the skin off their toes.

Third, scheduling the move can be a nightmare.  Unless everything is perfectly coordinated and everyone is on time and willing to help you finish, you could end up paying additionally for the truck, storage or additional rental fees.

A professional moving company can save you time, and worry, and even money.  And, you’ll still have friends to entertain at your housewarming party.

Susan seems to agree!

> From: “Susan Howell”
> Subject: Re: Neighbors Moving – How did we do?
> Date: June 22, 2012 12:05:42 PM PDT
> To: “Neighbors Moving Storage of Seattle”
> I thank you for moving our stuff. The moving crew showed up on time as expected. I really didn’t pay any attention to any uniforms as it was raining and I was focused on the move it self. Though they did identify themselves as employees of Neighbors Moving and Storage and introduced themselves. They treated all of our stuff with care and respect. Every crew member was very courteous and professional at all times. They were very conscientious about the time frame so to keep the cost low. We paid $448.25 total for the move. We were pleased about the cost and we paid by credit card. I chose Neighbors Moving and Storage of Seattle because of the way you responded to my request on The office staff were always checking to see if I still needed help and they were nice and understanding about my slowness in choosing a mover. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would say it was a 9 and I would recommend you to others and I would defiantly consider you for any future moves. I can’t think of anything you can improve on. You may us me as a reference if anyone should ask. I thank you again for the smooth move you made for us.

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