Planning Your Moving Budget? Here Are Some Relocation Expenses to Consider

16 Jun Planning Your Moving Budget? Here Are Some Relocation Expenses to Consider

nm-truckRelocating can be such an exciting experience and many people get so caught up in the momentum of it all, that they don’t consider some of the costs associated with the move. In this blogpost we’ll take a quick look at some factors that you might want to consider when relocating to a different town/city:

Moving Supplies

Packing supplies like cardboard boxes might sound cheap but you probably need more than what you realize. Cardboard boxes break easily and can’t handle much weight so paying a little more for crates and other containers is a good idea. In addition to this, you also need to buy bubble wrap and other materials to ensure the safety of your property. This can be a nuisance to many, and by hiring an expert moving company, you won’t have to  worry about these bits and pieces.

A Moving Company

Unless you have a larger vehicle and lots of people to help on hand, it’s unlikely that you will be able to make the move yourself. Hiring a moving company will definitely take some of the stress off your family once the big day arrives. It ensures that the larger items get to their location safely and that the job is done in an overall quicker timing. Hiring a reliable company is really important so be sure to check reviews.

New Decor

Unless you have purchased a house that is COMPLETELY ready to move into and you are 100% happy with, you will need to buy items to decorate your new home. This is common when moving to a larger home. This is not an immediate expense, and can be postponed.

Utility Costscoins in a jar

Utility bills vary significantly across different towns and cities. Do your research before you move because this is something that many people don’t think about until they have actually relocated. We all have have monthly budget for our utility bills, so keep in mind that this may increase, or decrease. Do some research before making the big move.

Cleaning Expenses

If you are currently renting, and want to get your deposit back, be sure to scrub every corner of your house, you might also want to clean the new house you are moving into, it may be that the carpets need professional cleaning, so consider these expenses.


Yet another hidden cost, and it may sound insignificant, but when you move to a new house you might have to replace some of your cooking ingredients that you threw out, you might have to replace light bulbs, and small appliances. All together these may add up to a significant amount of money that must be considered.

Breaking and Renewing Gym Contracts

calculatorAs you might very well know, many gyms make it nearly impossible for you to break that contract you might have with them, and in some cases this means that you’ll have to pay a contract termination fee. Also, you need to consider that you might want to sign-up to a new gym, and this might require for your to sign a new contract and for a different price, it could be higher or lower.

Storage and Hotels

If the move gets delayed for some reasons, or it just takes longer than expected, you’ll probably have to pay for storage and a hotel for the days, these two expenses add up quickly so make sure that once you move, your new home is immediately ready to move into.

A Babysitter

If you have children, then it’s likely that you don’t want them getting under your feet when moving day is upon you. They’re probably going to be super excited/hyper and will make everything even more stressful. It’s definitely worth considering paying a babysitter to look after your children for the day.


It’s important to keep in mind that not ALL of these things will apply to you, but the things that do, should be considered. By letting a professional relocation company take care of your move, you will have a more clear idea of your total budget, thus you can plan accordingly.


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