Moving Tip: How To Ensure Your Next Move Is Eco-Friendly

01 May Moving Tip: How To Ensure Your Next Move Is Eco-Friendly

Image result for eco friendly moveHuman activities have had a negative effect on the planet. From global warming, pollution, degradation of ecosystems, exhaustion of natural resources and so on. In fact, no species has affected the Earth and the environment as we have done.

By making conscious choices, we can all contribute to environmental conservation efforts. While moving is a hectic activity, it also takes a toll on the environment. Think of all the fuel it takes to move your belongings, then there is also the items that we leave behind as trash. Luckily for us, making your move eco-friendly is not that difficult. In fact, as moving professionals we will show you how you can ensure your next move is environmentally friendly.

Donate. A move offers you a very unique opportunity to take stock of everything that you own. Take this chance to separate all the things you need from those that are just taking up space. Clothes, furniture, utensils, toys, and books should be donated if they are still in good condition. Local NGOs, shelters and even second-hand stores accept donations. By doing this, you allow these items to end up with people who really need them instead of sitting in your house or ending up in a landfill.

Recycle. After donating all the items that are still in good condition you will still be left with items that were either not in a condition to be donated. Instead of leaving them as heaps of trash recycle them. Yes, almost everything in your house can be recycled, from old electronics and appliances, batteries and plastics and even shoes. Just look for a drop-off point near you, and they can end up as useful products.

Use green packing materials. The carbon footprint of packing materials is considerable. From boxes, bubble wrap to packing paper and packing beans we can find and use more environmentally friendly substitutes. To start with you can rent reusable boxes instead of buying them. Old newspapers act as a very good substitute for packing paper.

Use green cleaning materials. Moving comes hand in hand largescale cleaning. The new house has to be scrubbed spotless while the old house has to be left clean for its next occupant. However, the harsh cleaning materials we normally use are not so kind to our environment . Choose eco-friendly cleaning materials to reduce negative environmental impact.

We all have a role to play in environmental protection and conservation. While the steps we have listed above seem small they are not insignificant. They add to a greater environmental effort of conservation. However, your efforts should not end there. Consider using green products at home, reuse and recycle as much as possible and look for more ways to make your home eco-friendly.

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