How to Keep Kids Happy During a Move

29 Jun How to Keep Kids Happy During a Move

Moving out to a new place with your family can be really exciting for you, but it is not always the same case when it comes to your kids. Kids can face a tough time adjusting to a new environment no matter their age. Most of the time your kids will tend to focus on the negative side of moving out from what they know as ‘home,’ and they will not be happy with the idea.

One of the reasons why moving could is difficult fis the fact that they will be leaving their friends with whom they have gotten attached to with time. Well, while it may prove to be a struggle for them, there are a few things that you can do to make your kids love to move to the new place just as much as you do and avoid all the drama.

1. Make sure you talk to your kids before moving out and emphasize the reasons and excitement of moving to a new place; Make it look adventurous!

The things that we talk about with our kids have a significant impact on them emotionally. Tell them how exciting the new place will be and the things that they had never enjoyed at the previous location they will be able to get at your new home. Use a familiar story of earlier experiences to explain to your kids how exciting it is to move out. You can have them make a list of the things that they would love to do at the new place and help them to achieve them as this will make it easier for them to adapt to the new location.

2. Explore the new place with your kids

Take a tour with your kid around the new city and visit the places that look familiar with your previous home. They will be able to learn that the site is not so different from the home environment that they are used to after all. Also, explore the best spots that they would enjoy to be taken to so that they get to like the place even more. If your kid has a positive feeling of the new home, it will not be hard for them to adjust to the new life.

3. Keep in contact with the old community and friends

Not keeping in touch with your family friends and the kids’ friends is among the most traumatic changes for your kids. It is important that you regularly contact them and spend time with them as they are among the people that the kids trust most. Moving out to a new place will shrink the circle of the ‘trusted’ people that your kids love and enjoy spending time with to only the family; This can result in them getting bored and to avoid this you can arrange for get-together occasions and parties before you all find new friends.

4. Include them during decision making

Finally, moving out should not only involve your ideas. Involve your kids in making plans during the move-out and allow them to choose some of the things they would like to do; This will help them feel more engaged and will actually like to move to the place since they will be having an idea of the activities of their choice that they will be able to enjoy.


Moving to a new place is exciting, but it is more important that your kids get to enjoy the new environment just as much as you do. The above tips will help you to make your kids enjoy moving out just as they should be, and you will be able to enjoy it more as one happy family.


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