How to Handle Moving Companies to Seattle

19 Jan How to Handle Moving Companies to Seattle

Whether you are moving your company across the city or across the country, there are many details for any corporate relocation that require lots of preparation to get right.  There is no doubt that the process will involve the right moving company.  It will also involve the work of your employees and will require some disruption of your daily business.  With these simple tips, you’ll be able to keep that disruption to a minimum and make sure that you do not lose customers or clients in the process.  At Neighbors Moving, we have specialized in the entire process for years and we can make every step of the corporate relocation process easier and more affordable.

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

If you are in charge of moving companies to Seattle or the surrounding areas, then you will want to start with a solid checklist of all the necessary details.  Taking the time to complete this step before anything else will save you lots of time and energy on the entire process.  Major corporate moves can take up to a year of planning to complete and even moving a small business across the city can take weeks of planning and preparation to get done smoothly.  Start with all the items that need to be completed before the movers arrive.  This can include details like closing out all utilities and recurring bills at your current office.  You will want to confirm that you know the requirements for proper notifications required before moving out of your current building.

Involve Your Whole Team

Take the time to delegate as many tasks as possible to your team so that everyone is involved in streamlining the process.  This will also go a long way towards relieving any stress your employees may have about the upcoming move.  It would be natural for them to be concerned about what it means for their jobs.  Involve them in the process and be clear about their positions after the move.  Obviously, you will have to decide how many employees will be moving to the new location and what you will be offering them for that process.  Providing your employees with all this information about the move is the right thing to do and it will eliminate a lot of stress for everyone.  This important step of the process can make everything else easier.

Make Moving Day Easy

Once moving day arrives, you’ll be happy that you took the time to properly prepare.  Each department can assist our movers with any last minute details about what comes along on the move and what your company will be leaving behind.  You will also want to assign a few people to make sure that any day-to-day business issues are resolved and that customers still have a contact point.  That simple detail is vital to not losing business during the moving process.

Don’t Forget the Final Details

Before you hit the road for your new office, make sure that you have confirmed all the final details for your arrival.  You want to be clear about move in times because most office complexes will be closed after a certain point.  Take the time to do a final walk-through at your current place to avoid any unnecessary costs or fees.  Many people have left this last step to someone else and paid a high price for it.

Leave Everything Else to Neighbors Moving

We specialize in moving companies to and from Seattle and we’ve seen it all over the years.  Follow these simple tips before we start the process and it will go smoothly.  You’ll be in your new location and back to business as usual in no time.  Call us today to get your free quote at 206-340-0200.

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