Hints and Tips for Moving With Young Children

25 Apr Hints and Tips for Moving With Young Children

Help is the normal cry from parents who have made the decision to move, morever when moving with young children. Pulling your hair out, not knowing where to start or what to do tend to follow too. Is this how you feel? Are you uprooting the family to a new home but not sure how to begin the exciting journey? Let’s see if we can help, here are a few tips for the bravest decision of your life.

First things first, have you chosen the right house for you and your family? Yes! That’s great! But if you are not sure then why not take the kids to a number of viewings. It may be a challenge but it will be worthwhile in the end. If you decide to do this then make sure you explain to the children what you are doing and why. The best thing to do when making the decision to move is to get the children involved right from the beginning; this will make the whole process easier as they will accept the change better.

Here are a few steps, not in any particular order, which may be of use to any parents moving home with young children, many I have picked up on the way.

Step 1

As mentioned above, prepare the kids; help them to understand what is happening and that moving is a good thing. They may not understand the term ‘moving’ depending on their age so make sure you explain to them exactly what it involves and what impact it will have on them. But make it fun, use pictures of the new house and describe the adventure that they will have because of the move.

Step 2

We all hate packing whether it’s to go on holiday, for a weekend away or packing up the whole house; but it’s something which the kids would love. If you children are old enough, why not let them help you pack up their clothes and toys, they could even decorate the boxes and make them look like little homes for all their toys. It gives them the chance to get involved and makes the whole task of packing up their room a little more enjoyable. Or if you really cannot bear the idea of packing then there is the option of a packing service. But don’t pack all of the toys up first otherwise you will have some very bored children on your hands.

Step 3

To keep the excitement flowing; why not have a goodbye party. Everyone loves a party, a chance to celebrate with a good drink and a boogie, and it will give the kids a chance to say goodbye to everyone they love. If you are moving far away it is even more important for the kids to say goodbye to their friends and it is a great opportunity for you to say goodbye to yours too, but it also puts a positive spin on it all. Even if you are not moving far away it gives you an occasion to have everyone in the same room to celebrate your new exciting adventure.

Step 4

If you are moving far away, maybe even somewhere abroad, there is a chance that you will be leaving

not only friends but the close family behind. A great way to have fun with the kids and create something for the new home, which will remind you of everyone and everything that has happened in your old home, is by making a memory board. Kids love something creative to do and by making a memory board your children have the chance to make something special which will remind you all of the fun times you had in your old home. Use pictures of the people you will miss and the things you used to do in the house, like making tents in the living room, and general fun days. Why not put objects on it too like a stone or some pressed flowers from the bottom of the garden. It can be a collection of all the things that you will miss, all the things that will remind you of the days you had and all the people who are special to you; something that you will be able to look at every day.

Step 5

It can be hard trying to get anything down with young children around, especially the task of packing, so don’t rush. Give your family plenty of time to plan and make your move into the new home. Make a plan and don’t worry if you don’t stick to it but just by having it in mind will help. Booking a removal service may take a little pressure off as after all, packing with kids who are likely to unpack the boxes quicker than you can pack them, is going to be a task in itself. Keep calm and keep then entertained by it all and you will be fine.

Step 6

Sometimes you cannot decide when you want to move, either a job is waiting for you in a different location and you need to move by a certain time or just have to be out of you current home by a certain date. But if you can take control of when you move, try to choose a time which will cause the least disruption to your children. This is definitely easier said than done when children are involved, but if you are planning on potty training your child, for example, choosing to wait until you have moved into your new home and letting them become familiar with their new surroundings is a good idea. If you are not lucky enough to be able to do this, and potty training has already started, having a vast supply of pull-ups and extra clothes just in case for the journey to the new home is a great idea just in case you cannot find a bathroom in time or your kids are just too nervous to use a public toilet.

Step 7

Just as if you are going on holiday, your children will always want to have some of their favorite toys or even a blanket with them. A good idea is to buy a new rucksack or bag which can become their special traveling bag, especially if it is likely that you are to move again in the next few years. This allows your children to keep their special toys and items with them whilst they are traveling. It may be an idea to also include some toys which they can play with such as cards for a game of snap so that they don’t get too bored on their travels. It’s all about making the journey from old to new as exciting as possible.

Enjoy it. After all, you are moving too.

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