Helping the Elderly and Senior Citizens Move

24 Aug Helping the Elderly and Senior Citizens Move


Helping an elder parent or grandparent move can be stressful. Often, the job requires organizing and remembering the details of the move as well as providing emotional support for your loved one. Transitioning into a new residence at any point in life can cause anxiety, and it can be even more difficult late in life. Communication, planning, organization are the most important parts of a smooth moving process.


Organization is key

No matter how you plan to do it, it’s important to be organized even before you’ve begun to pack. Most packing experts agree that the most efficient way to pack when you’re helping an elderly relative move is to go room by room. Kitchen items go into boxes clearly labeled “Kitchen,” along with other kitchen items. Clearly label boxes containing fragile items and store them away from the rest. Because you’re helping another person move, it’s a good idea to simply ask about items that are fragile.

Sort through belongings

As far in advance of the move date as possible, help your parent or grandparent sort through the items in the house. Divide everything into categories based on what will be kept, thrown out, given to charity or sold. Go from room to room making decisions about each item. Try to help your relative avoid unnecessary sentimentality, but recognize the difficulty of the process. Family heirlooms are keepers for sure. Don’t try to apply too much pressure regarding items with sentimental value.

Tip to get the Job done

Enlist other relatives or friends to help as early and often as possible. Having other loved ones around can ease Middle-aged couple sitting on floorthe stress of a move, especially one that requires saying goodbye to some long-time possessions. Other family members may be able to handle some of the logistics too. When it comes to the move itself, consider hiring a professional moving and relocation company. Putting the moving into the hands of professionals can relieve a lot of stress.

Mitigate the risk of injury

With all the lifting and carrying that goes on, moving is an energy intensive activity. The probability of say hurting your back is a health risk that needs to be considered, and elderly people are the most vulnerable. Avoid letting an elder person carry heavy stuff. In some cases, stubbornness sometimes gets in the way, be sure to approach this with a level of sensitivity and avoid unnecessary arguments. Ideally, it’s best to hire a professional relocation company that will send personnel that knows how to properly lift heavy items in a way that it mitigates the risk of injury. Let’s be real here, back injuries are no fun, and they can be easily avoided with some common sense.

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