Five Tips On How to Steer Clear From Unprofessional Moving Companies

24 Nov Five Tips On How to Steer Clear From Unprofessional Moving Companies

broken furnitureMoving is among the most stressful of life’s events, and it can be costly too. Unfortunately, fraudulent behavior is not uncommon in an industry where trust is one of the most important factors.

In most cases the biggest motive behind fraud is money, and consumers who can recognize fraudulent tactics are much more likely to avoid frustration, delay, and increased costs when moving day arrives.

People who are moving should be aware of some common practices of unscrupulous movers.

Unrealistically-low price quotes may be a sign that the moving company in question is too good to be true. Shady moving companies sometimes make use of low estimates to get the customer hooked. Then the final price turns out to be much higher than estimated. Beware of deals that sound too good to be true.

People who are moving are likely to be signing lots of documents. They might be putting signatures on property transfer documents, purchase agreements, insurance, for example, in addition to any contract signed with the moving company. Unscrupulous movers may ask you to sign a blank contract or one in which the terms have not been entirely filled out. Savvy consumers will never sign a contract like that because it gives the moving company the power to change the terms later.

Perhaps most disconcerting, rogue moving companies have been known to hold possessions hostage and demand payment of fees that had not been agreed to. Despite their illegality, such tactics are all too common.

Finally, some moving companies take advantage of the community of web reviews. Dishonest movers know just as well as honest ones the importance of initial research on the web when consumers are planning a move. They’ll solicit friends and family members or even employees to post glowing reviews to raise the company to the top of the ratings, when in reality they belong nearer the bottom. To mitigate this, when doing research and reading review, be sure to do additional research on the people that are posting the reviews. On sites like Yelp, you can click on a the person that made the review and the site will giveyou more context on who that person is.

In terms of time, money, and emotion, moving is expensive enough without the added cost of an unscrupulous moving company. Most professional movers are honest; just be sure to do your research beforehand. With a bit of effort during planning, you can buy yourself the peace of mind that honest, competent companies offer.


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