Things to Consider Before Relocating Your Office

14 Jun Things to Consider Before Relocating Your Office

An office relocation can be a complicated move, from budgeting, to relocating employees, there’s a lot to account for. The following are some factors that you might want to consider when planning an office move, whether it be to neighboring city, to another state, or an international move:

How Will the New Town/City Greet You?

sl-comA company may be planning to move in order to expand and have a greater regional or global presence. If this is the case, it is important to do some prior research just to make sure that the local government and population of the new town will welcome you with open arms. Also, analyse your competition and asses if whether they might pose any long-term threats to your business. It’s important to consider the new regulatory environment, are there new legal threats? Or even legal opportunities that might put you in an advantage in some way? It might be a good idea to consult with a local lawyer beforehand.


Every city has it’s own culture, thus it’s important to think about how compatible this culture is to the culture of your specific company/office. You might have to make some adjustments so your business/office fits-in; for example, consider your dress code: if you’re moving from New York to Seattle, expect a more casual dress code in Seattle. Be sure to understand the culture of your new city, and be sure that your employees know what to expect.

Moving Your IT Infrastructure

If you have a robust technological infrastructure, be sure to hire a professional moving company that will treat your servers, computers, and devices with utmost care. Be careful about using courier services to ship your tech hardware: though they’ll surely get your shipplent to your new location in an expedited way, you’ll have little control over how it will be treated. By hiring an expert relocation company that has a proven track record and a personalized service, you’ll mitigate the risks that are sometimes associated with damaged hardware, such as data loss.

Bridging the Gap How-to-make-the-office-relocation-a-team-effort

Many companies do not ask the hard questions before making the big move. For instance, acquiring and retaining customers is hard work in itself. Be sure sure that your move does not affect your ability to retain your current customers, be sure to think of ways in which you will acquire new customers in the new city.

Relocating Expenses

It’s important to think about your employees relocation expenses. Employees will need accommodation, air travel,  among a host of other expenses before they finally settle in the new location. Therefore, before making the big move, be meticulous about your budget, consider every single tiny expense that your employees might incur.

Cost of Living

Before a company relocates, it needs to have an idea on the cost of living of that new place. If living cost in a particular area is high, the company may be forced to increase its employee’s salaries or end up losing some key employees in the process. Conversely, if the costs of living are less expensive, then employees will have a more powerful purchasing power, and this can serve an incentive to help convince them to move to the new location.

In conclusion, moving is a rather complex operation for most companies, as such, it is important to get services of a reliable relocation company that can help you in every single step of the process. A moving company may help you come up with a checklist that will guide you and your entire staff, so that your move will be seamlessly easy and calculated process.


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