Environmentally-Friendly Tips For a Relocation

11 Jul Environmentally-Friendly Tips For a Relocation


Moving is said to be both one of the most stressful and also exciting things in life. There is so much to think about and to organize that the idea of setting up an eco-friendly relocation may seem like an unnecessary step too far.

For some of us, a green move is a must, and the good news is that there are plenty of ways to reduce the negative impact that a relocation can have on the environment. In this blogpost, we’ll share some ideas.


The packing list.

The first piece of advice here is to take a second look at the items that you are packing to try and cut down on the amount that you take. Not only is a relocation a great chance to have a clear-out of unwanted, unused items that mysteriously appear in the back of the cupboard, but you can do a good deed and save on space and packing materials.

Make a checklist of the items in a room and think about the last time you used an item and what it really means to you. If there is no practical purpose or sentimental attachment, give it to someone else. Set up a yard sale, take clothes to charity shop, books to a library and do something good for the community you are leaving.


Packing materials.

Think about how you pack and what you pack your items with. Using and carefully stacking a drawer full of clothes or other items like a box can save time, space and packing materials. Cardboard boxes are an essential, but at least they can be recycled after use and picked up for free from many grocery stores.

pile of boxesThink about how to use bubble-wrap and styrofoam. Yes, these a great for keeping your stuff safe, but they are really not environmentally friendly. If you do use these, be wise about the amount you use.

If possible, find padding and wrapping materials that aren’t made of plastic. Heavy layered newspaper can be good for padding the corners of fragile furniture, another alternative is to go for some fabric. Towels and sheets are great for wrapping around valuable objects or padding spaces for stability.


Transporting the items.

The more space you can save by cutting down on the amount of items that you take and by using environmentally-friendly packing materials, the smaller the vehicle needs to be and the less trips you need to take. This means that you can hire a small fuel-efficient van and not have to worry too much about the emissions as you travel across town, or to another state.

Or rather you can hire a large trailer, and instead of doing several moves with one vehicle you, can do it all in one move. This in the long-term pollutes less.

The more you think about the environmental implications of a move, the more ideas will come to mind. It’s all about the small steps when going eco-friendly and this applies to a relocation too.

Even aspects like the cleaning solutions used to clean the old house or going paperless with companies when relocating utility bills can make a difference. Consider every part of the process, rethink your packing list and packing materials and research your options with different relocation companies. If you do this, your relocation will be much greener.


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