Don’t Hurt Yourself: Tips For Avoiding Injury During Your Move

20 Jun Don’t Hurt Yourself: Tips For Avoiding Injury During Your Move

safety-moving-tipsWe perfectly understand that moving can be a stressful and tedious process. There is so much to do in just a short time and it’s easy to focus on “getting things done quickly.” Amid all the chaos and fatigue, it’s easy to forget about your own safety and end up getting serious injuries.

As a moving company, we strive to offer convenient, reliable and affordable moving services to our customers. Although our moving services include packing and unpacking, some of our customers often choose to do the packing and unpacking themselves.

Because our customers’ safety is our top priority, we have put together some useful tips that you can use to avoid injury during your move.

1. Know Your Limits

We know you are in such a big hurry to get things done quickly, but it’s important to know your limits. Do not lift something that is too heavy than your body can stand. You risk hurting yourself. Ask for help when lifting or carrying heavy items from your family members or friends.

2. Use Proper Lifting Techniques

It’s easily to avoid injury during a move if you use the correct lifting techniques. Here are some few useful techniques:

• When lifting heavy items, only use your legs, not your back. Lifting a heavy item with your back can cause back injury and excruciating pain. Bend your knees first and then use the strength of your arms and legs to lift the item• When moving any item, hold it close to your body and walk in slow and steady movements, and small steps. Holding an item close to your body prevents you from tripping

• Avoid carrying large and heavy items for an extended period of time. This is because the more weight you exert on your body, the higher the risk of injury

• Avoid lifting heavy items over your head as it can cause both head and neck injuries

• Bend at the knees, not at the waist

• Use a dolly cart to carry heavy items if possible

• Push heavy objects instead of lifting them

3. Remove any Obstacles

Even the smallest obstacle on the floor can lead to serious injuries. After you’re done packing all the boxes, clean the floor while removing any obstacles in the rooms, hallway, and path leading to the moving truck.4. Wear the Right Clothing

Lifting and carrying boxes and furniture is dangerous. But wearing loose clothing can be a disaster in waiting. Loose clothing may get caught on door frames, moving boxes, and furniture, causing you to fall and injure yourself. Therefore, be sure to wear fitting clothes that are also breathable and comfortable.

It’s also important to have proper footwear when moving. High-heel, slippery shoes, and open-toed shoes can pose a great injury risk if worn during a move. Instead, opt for boots or sneakers with a rugged outsole to prevent injury.

5. Take Short Breaks

As much as you want to get over with the moving, don’t work too hard and forget to rest. Straining can not only cause fatigue, but can also lead to serious body injuries. So be sure to take short breaks when needed.

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