Most Common Superstitions When Moving To A New Home

01 Apr Most Common Superstitions When Moving To A New Home

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There is nothing better than the excitement of moving to a new home. Just before your relocation, you will get to hear more good luck wishes that you can care to count from friends and family. Deep inside your heart, you firmly believe that these wishes will bring you good fortune, but do they? For this reason, a majority of people do everything they can to ensure their moving process goes smoothly. Some even turn to these common superstitions when moving to a new home:

· Leaving an old broom or sweeper behind

It is believed that old brooms or sweepers carry the negative aspects of your life at your old home. Therefore, it should not be carried to a new residence. A new broom should also be carried in the first time you move into a new home. This is to symbolize the positive experiences that will precede you. Those who use vacuum cleaners and believe in the superstitions tend to reward themselves with a new one.

· Not moving on a Friday or Saturday

A common superstition from the western culture tells you to move into a new home any other day of the week but on a Friday or Saturday. It is believed that these two days come with a lot of bad luck. According to Indian tradition, moving into a new home on a Thursday will bring you a lot of luck.

· Warding off evil spirits with bread, rice or salt

Traditionally, old homeowners would carry bread, rice, and salt the first time they enter their new home in order to ward off evil spirits. These items should be carried together with that new broom or sweeper. Sprinkling salt on your door means that spirits are unwelcome in your house. If you want to be thorough, you can sprinkle salt in every room.

· Burning sage

Adopted from Native American customs, burning sage is also a shield from abhorrent spirits in a n ew home. By lighting the sage isa fireproof bowl and strolling all around the house with it, any negative vitalities will leave.

· Painting the porch ceiling blue

As an old tradition picked up from the southern part of the United States, a shade of blue on your porch will keep any lingering spirits of the dead away from your new home.

Moving into a new home offer different experiences for a variety of people. While some think that these superstitions are laughable, there are others who adopt one or more of these rituals to bless their new abode. Whether you are a believer or not, these are always fun to talk about, especially when a  long road trip awaits!


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