5 Ways to Cope When Moving With Small Children

28 Jan 5 Ways to Cope When Moving With Small Children


Moving with small children is never easy, a lot of planning, time, financial and physical resources are required. Most often, it is recommended that moving is done through professional services no matter how much you would want to cut cost. It is even more hectic when young children are involved, for this reason, we have compiled five simple tips on moving with small children. 

  1. Make all necessary arrangements with adequate planning

A lot of details are to be taken care of when moving with small children and thorough planning is crucial to the success of the entire process. It is encouraged that a professional is involved in every step of the planning and the actual move. Think about all the cost involved and plan in advance. Remember to cater for contingency and emergency costs. It is also good to consider a timeline for the move to make sure it favors your babies in terms of acclimatizing and adapting to a new environment. So much can be said about planning since it is the backbone of the success to your moving but with the help of a professional, it is likely that most details will be taken care of.

  1. Engage a babysitter during the day of packing

Kids can be messy and out of control when their daily routine is interrupted. The process of packing is likely to create a lot of excitement to young children. Toys that had disappeared may be rediscovered hence sending the kids into a frenzy. This may lead to endangering the kids due to the risk involved from falling objects, sharp objects that can cut or even the dust from some rooms that may cause allergic reactions. It is therefore necessary to ensure that the whereabouts of the babies is accounted for at any given moment, a babysitter can help in this scenario.

  1. Packing the kids items separately and in an easily accessible place/way during the moving period

No doubt small children and babies require extra attention which in most cases cannot be delayed. This may include taking meals, keeping them safe,warm and handling any emergency. It is also prudent to arrange and park their stuff meticulously. Make light meals and snacks that can be readily available when the need arise. If there are babies that are on medication, keep their drugs in place you can easily remember and access. Think about the dippers , wipers and ointments that may be required without a notice.

  1. Create an exciting plan of activities for the children during packing, moving and settling period

    Relocation with small children

Children become very strongly and emotionally attached to the environment they are used to. The process of moving may be quite traumatizing and most children do not like it. Always have this in mind and try to convince them that they will not lose friends, they will not miss on school and they will be safe. Identify fun activities they like doing and incorporate them during packing, moving and settling.

  1. Allow enough time for travel when moving with small children

It is already stressful moving for you and your children. By the time you arrive to your new house even before you unpack, you and the children/babies will be exhausted. Leave enough time for the travelling journey, unpacking and setting up the house in your new place. It is particularly sensitive for young kids who maybe more irritable when exhausted. Without enough sleep, proper rest and good meals, babies may result to tantrums that may cause discomfort for you or even great loss from breakages.

With these 5 simple steps, moving may turn out to be less stressful although they may not replace the services of professional movers.

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