4 Common Moving Disasters and How to Avoid Them

15 Aug 4 Common Moving Disasters and How to Avoid Them

For some, moving is essential. For others, it’s a matter of pure pleasure. Moving day disasters can happen to them all. Depending on how many belongings you have, the project can seem daunting, but the worst part isn’t the work you foresee. No, it’s the unforeseen mishaps.

Good thing is, many of the most common disasters are avoidable. Here’s four of the most common things that can go wrong on moving day and how you can get around them.

1. Damage to Your Old or New Place

Walls, floors, and other non-movables can get scratched, cracked, and broken. You may not want damage done to your old place, as you might be held responsible. And certainly you don’t want your new place instantly rendered in need of repair.

Heavy items slid across most kinds of flooring can cause a lot of harm. An accidental bang to a wall while lifting or carrying can leave marks at best and holes at worse. Each item should be moved with care.

Most surfaces can be protected. Trusting the only right people to help you move. A little preparation can help keep this potential disaster at bay.

2. Lost or Stolen Valuables

There’s nothing like an open, unguarded moving truck containing goodies to tempt thieves. The same goes for an unlocked car with items on the backseat, or a back door left open when the occupants are preoccupied.

Unorganized packing also can result in lost items. Small things can be dropped unseen. Places not checked can hide belonging you need and want. If after unpacking you discover not everything is there, don’t be quick to blame a robber if you slacked off on your packing plan.

Before wrapping the first item, have a strategy. Divide the place into zones and coordinate the packing of each zone. This helps no item to go unnoticed. Group smaller items together instead of just dropping them into a big box or bag. And on moving day, be watchful. Make security a priority to keep you and your stuff safe.

3. A Sudden Lack of Help

Moving can be big work. There’s the packing as well as the loading. If you own many items, it makes sense to elicit some help. More hands reduce the workload, speeding up the process, but its a sad story when the big day comes and the help you need isn’t there.

Don’t invite flaky friends or relatives to help you move if there’s a good chance they’ll back out. It can happen even if they live with you. Try to have more hands available than you think are needed. The easiest solution, of course, is to call on the professionals.

4. Waiting Too Late to Hire a Moving Company

You should reach out to your moving company at least a month in advance. If the move is on shorter notice, then calling them up should be top on the list. This not only ensures they’ll be available, but that they can help you avoid most moving day disasters.

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